7 Ways To Exercise During Lockdown That Aren’t Running

During this current lockdown period, we’re only currently allowed one outing per day for the purpose of exercise (in the UK anyways). I don’t know about you, but every time I look at someone’s Snapchat story, people are always outside running and showing how many millions of kilometres they’re doing a day. If you’re likeContinue reading “7 Ways To Exercise During Lockdown That Aren’t Running”

What To Do In Isolation: The Complete Guide

During this time of uncertainty and self-isolation, things can get boring, lonely and even anxiety-provoking for some. Today is the third full day since the UK government put the country on lockdown, and I’ve been struggling to not be bored, if I’m completely honest, but I’m coping better than expected. It puts so much into perspective: there’s so many little things we take for granted, like popping out to town quickly, or grabbing a coffee with friends. I’ve tried to keep myself busy these past few days (follow my Instagram stories for more inspiration!), and hopefully these ideas will inspire you a bit.

The Ultimate Self-Care Day

Sit back, relax and inspire yourself. Yep, you heard me right: inspire. As much as a self-care day should be a day to sit back and be stress free, it should also inspire you to feel your best and continue with healthy habits that you can hopefully continue with as part of your daily routine. Here are my top tips for the ultimate self-care day.

My Sensitive, Combination, Acne-prone Skincare Routine

I’ve struggled a lot with my skin all throughout my teenage years. I have a mix of sensitive skin (meaning I need delicate products – my skin in particular doesn’t take well to any exfoliants), combination (dry in some areas, oily in others) and acne-prone skin (I mainly had acne of my forehead, temples andContinue reading “My Sensitive, Combination, Acne-prone Skincare Routine”

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